Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Demands of the Occupation

We will continue to occupy the Brunei Suite until the School administration agrees to acquiesce to our list of demands:

1) Written confirmation of the cancellation of the racist, biased MoD exhibition

2) An assurance by the School that military presence on campus will no longer be allowed under any circumstances in line with current Union policy

3) to be allowed to host free lectures in the Brunei Suite until the weekend

4) No repurcussions for the students involved

5) For the school to consult with academic staff for the use of school space for events such as extra curricular lectures

6) That room bookings be made through the university rather than Sodexo and that this change be brought about as soon as possible

7) 5 x week-long bookings for student societies funding by the school for the Brunei suite including the use of kitchen facilities

8) 5 x bookings for the Brunei Gallery to be funded by the school

9) any thing else?...

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