Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What we plan to do.

As of tuesday 13th January, the Brunei gallery suite is under occupation. Our aims are to raise awareness of and uphold motions passed by the SOAS Student's Union on:

1) The illegal occupation of Palestinian land by Israel

2) The racist exhibition currently in the Brunei gallery hosted by the Ministry of Defence.

3) The privatisation of university space.

This occupied space will be open to the public.

We aim to complete our aims by:

1) organising a series of lectures, speakers , workshops and events on all of the three issues

2) Re-arranging the exhibition to include the history that the MoD has deliberately manipulated and hidden

3) Communicating with the media and other interested parties about our intentions.

No damage will be done to any of the space.

A full press release will be issued soon.

For further infomation, suggestions and contributions please contact soas.stopthewar@googlemail.com

In solidarity with the Gazans we thank you for your understanding.

Long live Palestine

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  1. As a SOAS alumnus, MA in 2002 and Ph.D. in 2004, I wish you the best of luck.