Wednesday, 21 January 2009

SEVEN uni's have now occupied...

21 Jan

Warwick GBT leads occupation.

See for updates and commentary

20 Jan:

Essex, sussex and Kings and Birmingham also in occupation

Article in The Guardian about the King's occupation! We're in it too...

15 January 2009

Students at LSE occupy the Old Theatre in solidarity with Gaza. Their demands are for the LSE director to issue a statement condemning the Israeli violence in Gaza. The group is also demanding that LSE divests from arms firm BAE Systems, an arms company who supply the Israeli military.

Students at LSE have raised over £2000 for the charity Medical Aid for Palestine in just 5 days.

16 January 2009

Essex university under occupation by students. Demands include that the university issue an official statement condemning the Siege on Gaza, facilitating a fundraising day for Medical Aid for Palestine, 5 scholarships for Palestinian students who can no longer study due to the fact that Gaza university was bombed on Dec. 28th, to use surplus resources like old books and computers to re-build Gaza University and that no student shall be victimised for their protest.

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