Thursday, 15 January 2009

Military recruitment? Not on our campus.

One of our demands when we occupied the Brunei Suite at SOAS was to get assurance from the school that military propaganda will not be allowed on campus in the future. The school responded by saying that they would not allow any military on campus in the futuree without prior approval from the Students' Union.

Given that we passed a motion on Tuesday that resolved to oppose ALL military propaganda, a policy which will now last for FIVE years, we now have a mandate to say to the school 'NO, not on our campus'.

We claim this as a major result. An action that is part of an international campaign to oppose military recruiters on campuses and places of study.  UCL, a top university in Englandpassed a motion for this last year and caused an uproar in the right-wing media...well done to UCL Stop the War Society.  Read another story here.


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