Saturday, 17 January 2009

A report from Indymedia

We were occupying the Brunei Gallery (Ministry of Defence Exhibition) in solidarity with Gaza and have declared victory after winning significant demands from the university management. 

These include an agreement that there will be no military on campus without prior consultation with the student union. A motion passed yesterday by the student union opposes all military presence on campus. It stands for the next five years. 

The occupying students will also have exclusive use of the gallery space until end of day Friday. This time will be used to hold meetings on issues related to Israel's assault on Gaza, such as boycotting Israeli goods and Israeli war crimes. 

University authorities have also agreed that students will be able use the lecture theatre and gallery for their own use throughout the year. Previously the rooms cost £1,000 to hire for a day – though the Ministry of Defence got it for free. 

There will be no repercussions for the students involved in the occupation of the gallery. The mood here remains defiant and ready to ramp up the campaign for solidarity with Palestinians. 

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  1. Dear comrades,

    I am writing to send a message of solidarity on behalf of the Branch Committee of the Lambeth Branch of UNISON.

    We salute your courage in campaigning tirelessly for the Palestinian right to education. The tide is turning against the legitimacy of the Israeli Apartheid state and the student movement is crucial to that. We support you in your occupation to bring about firm commitments to Palestinian students from your university.

    You may also be heartened to know that yesterday our Branch Committee voted to support calls for academic, cultural and economic boycotts of Israel.

    In solidarity,

    James Caspell
    Lambeth UNISON Young Members’ Officer